Smattwatch w26

KSh 4,500.00



Making calls -Picking calls too from the connected phone through it-Check phone book(contact list)-Call logs ( missed calls, dial calls, and also received calls )

It can also serve as an health tracking device  because it has the ability to-Read blood pressure -Read the heart rate-Check calories And also count steps

It can also serve as a notifying device for some of the app on the connected phone ( apps like)-Facebook-WhatsApp -Instagram -Twitter And also Gmail too. etc

It has some amazing features like-Wallpaper choice display-Alarm-Stopwatch -Thermometer-music player-Camera

find phone

One of the amazing fact about this watch is that it comes with an extra  STRAP

First, Supports both Android and IOS. However, the adaptation platform supports Version 4.2and above for Androids*

Bluetooth BT4.0


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