100% Waterproof Mattress Protectors

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EASY TO CLEAN: This waterproof mattress protector is different than another common one. It has a special additive on the surface. When liquids spill on the surface, you can simply use water to clean the stains after the liquid dried.

· 100% WATERPROOF: The waterproof bed protector prevents things to damage the mattress such as urine, sweat, spills, etc. The bottom TPU stop them from leaking into your precious mattress.

· PREMIUM FABRIC: Unique 3 in 1 air structure makes our mattress cover breathable. With great air circulation, our mattress pad would not cause any heat when you sleep on it.

· DEEP POCKET: 78×80”. King mattress protector with an elastic bottom band can fit up to 21” in depth. The fitted sheet style ensures that the mattress cover will fit snugly.

· MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine wash in cold water and gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. All suggestion is to prevent our waterproof TPU from melting down and avoid losing its waterproof function.



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